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September 13-14, 2023 / The Fairmont, Austin

2023 Conference Program

Building the Ultimate Customer Journey Map

Customer journey mapping drives improvements that yield the greatest financial return. Learn how to chart each step of your customer experience, highlight your moments of truth and customer mapping best practices.

Harmonizing Facilities, Technology and Culture

The technology, ways of working policy and culture and ability to work as a collaborative team of an organization can influence the talent that it is able to attract and retain. It is important to consider whether the technology provided by an organization can support a richly engaging experience for its employees, vendors, and clients who may come into the workplace, including the latest on high impact space and workplace design.

Workforce Management Fundamentals for Operational Leaders

Understanding the WFM discipline and how it can be leveraged as the ultimate accelerator to your EX and CX strategy. 

Equipping Your Workplace: Using Today's Technologies to Create the Collaborative Spaces We're Longing For

Learn about the platforms and AV you need to ensure equitable meetings, how to simplify the user experience as in-office technology becomes more advanced and new trends in collaborative spaces. 

Communications Platforms in 2024

Explore the three segments of productivity-first, meeting-first, and phone-first providers and where the strengths and opportunities lie for each, the advances to expect and the continued trend of moving towards MAUs and away from standalone licenses and what you should consider when making this transition. 

The Latest on AI and Its Impact on EX and CX

AI is transforming the workplace – from security to adoption to how organizations are addressing usage, join experts to discuss the current state of AI in the workplace. 

Creating A Positive Corporate Culture Through Collaboration

Explore strategies for creating shared experiences and aligning investment in communication and collaboration tools with diverse user needs and demands with a distributed workforce, measuring UC usage and engagement and effective training and onboarding to maximize ROI.  

Breaking Barriers, Building Success: CX Strategies for Storytelling, Change Management, Investment, and Partnerships

Explore the intersection of storytelling, change management, investment justification, and partnership building in the context of CX transformation.  

End User Training and Engagement

Dive into conversations about the best ways to maximize your technology by increasing end user adoption.

Cost Reduction, Optimization and Management

What should the planning process look like to ensure effective implementation of new tools from assessing costs to planning finances and human capital resources for successful adoption?

The Road to Immortality: Building a Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) Culture

Content and knowledge is what powers self-service for agents and customers. You have invested in the technology, but have you invested in the cultural and process changes to have knowledge be at the center of everyone's job? Is there one thing (knowledge database) that rules them all? How can AI be useful without knowledge? Discuss what has worked and what has not.

Contact Center Migration to the Cloud

If you have legacy systems that will soon reach their end of life or evaluating a cloud contact center solution, hear from peers who've made the transition and what to consider if you choose to move forward - from planning to implementation to support.

Manager Training 

Oftentimes the best performers become a manager, but they don't have the same skill set. Join a conversation to discuss what you should consider to build an effective team to maximize output and adoption. 

"Thank you for calling customer service. If you're calm and rational, press 1": Reimagining Listening To The Voice Of The Constituent

Discuss how to effectively listen to every interaction with customers with the same resources, turn data into insights and insights into action, and how to create a feedback program that customers and employees appreciate. 

Employee Enablement: Maximizing Contact Center Productivity in a Remote Environment

Discuss skills your supervisory and management staff must have to enable and manage a remote agent workforce including how do build rapport and expectations with remote workers, prioritize collaboration remotely, and create an environment that ensures success for diverse group of remote employees. Discuss what does business continuity / disaster recovery looks like when you have little control over the last mile at an employee's home. 

Ask the Experts: Convergence of the Front and Back Office

Explore the benefits and viability of integrating UC and CC, including the best practices for integrating on-premises and cloud platforms, designing PSTN connectivity and management, and developing organizational strategies to support UC and CC convergence. Learn when it makes sense to take a non-integrated versus a unified approach to UC and CC and leave with a deeper understanding of how to architect PSTN connectivity, dial plans, and management for a truly integrated UC and CC environment. 

Innovations in AV will Power the Future of Work 2.0

Most businesses suffer from outdated technologies and inefficiency in the workplace. Excellent audio-visual systems can create powerful first impressions and encourage collaborations between teams and organizations to truly transform the future of work. 

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Companies

Delve into the organizational structure, work location, hybrid engagement, office evolution, calling-telephony, meetings-video, video rooms, management, team collaboration, security, and emerging technologies of successful companies.  

Mandate to Magnet: Creating the Future-Ready Workspace Through Office & Process Design

Discuss strategies for creating an inspiring office space that will attract employees back to the workplace, including the role of process design and office layout in fostering team cohesion and camaraderie. We'll also examine key considerations for matching employee experience and wellbeing with office design and layout, and how to design the optimal flow of space and incorporate technology to meet varying functional needs. 

Attracting, Empowering, and Retaining Contact Center Talent in 2024

Delve into the challenges and opportunities of recruiting and hiring in a remote/hybrid work environment, discuss ways to maximize contact center productivity through employee enablement, and how to determine the best option regarding remote, hybrid, and in-house staffing options.  

Authentic Diversity: Evolving from Compliance to a Competitive Advantage

Discuss diversity in an authentic and productive way for businesses and encourage diverse conversations that have a positive impact on both work and society. We will look at examples of companies that have successfully created an environment that encourages diverse perspectives and discuss well-meaning diversity initiatives that did not serve the business or the people. Additionally, we will examine whether valuing diversity is a short-term or long-term investment that benefits the three P's: profits, people, and planet. 

Austin Women in Tech (AWT) Mentoring Workshop & Networking Event

Marny Lifshen, Speaker/Author/Consultant, at Marny Lifshen Communications is a marketing communications, branding and networking expert with an emphasis on serving clients as a strategic consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator. She works with professional service firms, corporations, professional associations and organizations, and conferences nationwide, including women's initiatives and diversity and inclusion programs. As the author of the award winning "Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women," Marny specializes in working with professional women's organizations/conferences, and with professional development initiatives within corporations. Sample videos of Marny's work are available on YouTube


  • HETMA @ UCX USA: Lessons from Building a UCC-First Digital Campus Presentation
  • HETMA @ UCX USA: Tips and Tricks for Success in Hybrid Instruction

  • HETMA @ UCX USA: Design for a UC&C Connected Campus
  • HETMA @ UCX USA: From Chaos to Cohesion: Using UC&C to Enable Effective Teaching & Learning

Sponsored Case Studies featuring Yealink, Jabra, Bandwidth, Barco, and more!

More sessions to be added soon! 

Agenda subject to change. 



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